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An Eagle Dad's Poem

I saw a chubby little boy,
In uniform of blue,
A jaunty cap was on his head,
His shoes were shiny, too.

His eyes were wide, expectant;
He glowed fresh from the tub.
His air said, "Let's get on with it!"
This my son the Cub.

I saw a slightly larger boy,
Much taller, leaner, too;
He stood up straight and proud,
In garb of khaki hue.

He now has more determination,
In his face there is no doubt;
I'm pleased to see his confidence,
This is my son, the Scout.

I know he'll strive to do his best,
This bigger boy, not yet a man,
Will grow in strength, in law and skill,
For him, I'm sure, God has a plan.

God, guide his path, make straight his way,
Make his goal be high, his courage stout,
That humbly, yet proudly, I will know,
This is *MY* son, the Eagle Scout!
Posted on July 23rd, 2017
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Comments and Attributions

Thanks to Paul Sweeney,, ASM, T-7, Lowell, Ma


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