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Eagle Scout

The Scouts gave you a challenge,
And you've met it faithfully my friend,
But it's quite hard to understand
Just all it will mean in the end.

An Eagle Scout, you've reached the top,
Or have you only just begun?
I'm betting that you will not stop
With so much glory to be won.

For life holds out a challenge too,
A mountain high for you to scale,
And with the training Scouts gave you,
There's really no such word as fail.

And so as you press on ahead,
You'll find it's made much work like play,
And as the tasks before you spread,
They'll find you ready, so I'll say.

Congratulations Eagle Scout,
The world before you now is spread,
Scouts taught you much what life's about,
Prepared you well for what's ahead.
Posted on July 23rd, 2017
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