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Eagle Flight Path

Lashings tied
in the noon day sun,
crackling campfires
when day is done,

Blue orange flames lick
leaping high,
while we listened
to the night.

We wrapped Nature
in our arms,
slept in tents
with no alarms.

Hiking, biking, cooking, too "
swimming, diving,
paddling canoes.

Stretching, reaching
growing strong,
we conquered trails
(and without Mom),
learning how
to get along.

In service to others,
cheerfully given,
we toiled together,
Scouting brothers driven.

A father's time,
character to sift,
that special blend,
a precious gift.

A leader seasoned,
first, a follower must be,
This Eagle trail and its rewards
is what you showed to me.

With open heart
and guided flight,
You climbed with me
and gave me sight.

And when I slipped
as sons can do,
You taught,
"A man gets up,
keeps his steps true."

A refiner's fire
kindled now in me,
molding, shaping
the man you'll see.

This eagle badge
I wear for two
and for the many others
who helped me through.

And to the sons,
who want to stand,
here, in this place one day,
"May you be blessed
with such a man
to help show you the way."

"Just so you know,
that's when it's time...
a Dad one day I'll be,
And when my child
looks in my eyes
my Dad he'll see in me."
Posted on July 23rd, 2017
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Comments and Attributions

by Vicki Mildenberger, Eagle Mom


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