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On Eagle's Wings

Hebrews were given Ten Commands
Almighty God had rescued them
Born on eagle's wings.

Through their desert trials too
God brought them into Promise new
Born on eagle's wings.

Following Scout Oath and Law
You did your best because you saw
Flight of eagles' wings.

A service project and badges galore,
With leadership show you've prepared for
Flight on eagle's wings.

You've made your nest among the best
Now spread your wings; you've passed the test;
Soar on eagle's wings.

Fly swift, fly high across the sky
Encourage others standing by . . . to
Soar on eagle's wings.

Like the eagle seraph near to God
Which worships with a humble nod,
Fly true on eagle's wings.

To God and country, duty bear,
And ‘on your honor' you do swear ... to
Fly true on eagle's wings.
Posted on July 23rd, 2017
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by Eve Engelbrite ©2004 Eve Engelbrite


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