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The River of Scouting

He was a new scout. Like spring rain, gathering purpose, looking for direction, following in the footsteps of those that came before him.

Soon he became Tenderfoot, like runoff from the rain, influenced by the lay of the land; he slowly began to make his way, often meandering, though quickly prodded to return to the intended course.

Now Second Class, his course more defined, much like the cool running brook; he feels his way between the rocks and obstacles, discovering, learning.

While First Class, he is like the narrow creek, prodding the woodlands in search of the adventures that lie ahead, wondering, testing, broadening his knowledge and abilities in the wisdom of the wood.

Then he became Star. Like the clear running stream he begins a swifter, more serious path. He begins to return to nature, refreshment, like the younger scouts that come to drink from his knowledge.

Triumphantly, he is Life. Like the mighty river flowing ever forward, he begins to make his own path. The community, the land, is nourished from his banks. The scout spirit is alive in him.

Humbly, he is Eagle. Like a great ocean, starting from a single drop of rain, he has traveled far, growing, reaching, forging ahead; he has endured. The scout oath, and the scout law, flow in his heart. His waters touch the shores of distant places, where men stand and proclaim his victory.

Proudly, he is Eagle.
Posted on July 23rd, 2017
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By: Jay Kempinger


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