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Recipe for an Eagle Scout

Place a young boy,
Bright and shining with God’s grace,
Into a free and hopeful nation.

Add a large helping of mother’s love,
And a touch of father’s, too.

A full measure of Scoutmasters’ patience and generosity,
Kindness and care from Assistant Scoutmasters
Camaraderie and friendship from a number of boys,
And support and help from their parents;
Plenty of assistance and encouragement
From family, friends, and community.

A kind word in a moment of doubt,
A gentle reprimand in a moment of weakness,
A helping hand, a guiding thought,
Understanding and forbearance, in full measure.

Immerse for years
In a Scouting atmosphere,
Warming thoroughly with
Good examples on every side.

When done,
Decorate with badges,
And serve to the world
Posted on July 23rd, 2017
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