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Cubbie Cub Scout

Our Pack leader his name is Dave,
He is a lot of fun and kind of brave,
We like to sing and laugh at dumb jokes,
It's the Cub Scout way along with our folks.

Oh, Cubbie Cub Scout, Oh Daddy, I want to go!
Ya, ya, ya, ya.
Cubbie Cub Scout, Oh Mommy, I want to grow!
Ya, ya, ya, ya

In our Den we are all friends,
We work on our books until it ends,
Achievements, belt loops, arrows of light,
I hate to leave at the end of the night.


I hope one day I'm an Eagle Scout,
Go camping and fishing, canoeing about,
I'll follow the motto to "Do your best",
Mom, sew this new patch on my bright red vest.

Posted on July 25th, 2017
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Comments and Attributions

You will need to change the first two lines to fit your Pack leaders name.

Tune: Louie Louie


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