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Coleman CPX 6 V Rechargeable Power Cartridge · Review

Product Points
• Turn any Coleman XPS product into a rechargeable device
• Typically replaces four standard D-cell batteries
• Fully rechargeable with the included 12V and 120V adapters
• Built-in LED changes from red to green when pack is charged; runtime varies by product
• Includes limited manufacturer's warranty, and details are included with purchase

Product Description
Coleman's CPX™ 6 V Rechargeable Power Cartridge upgrades any Coleman CPX™ product to a rechargeable one. Its interchangeable with all Coleman CPX™ products.Color changing LED indicates when fully charged.Size: 2.8"H X 3.4"W X 3.3"T.

Our camping gear includes several Coleman XPS products (which includes lanterns, fans, USB cellphone recharger, etc); this product turns our XPS product into a rechargeable solution. With a standard wall adapter (or the included car cigarette adapter) you can charge this battery pack for several nights of use. We have 2 of these so far, with the two D cell adapters that initially came with our devices (that we use as backups), we estimate that a full charge can last us at least 2-3 full days depending on our usage patterns and which device we use them in.

I've heard that a caveat to these batteries (which would be an issue with any rechargeable battery if you stored it at a 0% charge for a prolonged period of time) is that they'll need to be recharged every couple of months if you have them in storage; but they have a limited lifetime warranty so if anything goes wrong with them you could easily contact Coleman about a replacement under warranty.

• Turn your D Battery compatible devices into a rechargeable solution.
• Limited Lifetime Warranty from Coleman

Product Link: Click Here (External Link)
Rating: 5/5 (Perfect)
Posted on June 7th, 2017
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Coleman CPX 6 V Rechargeable Power Cartridge · Pictures

Coleman CPX 6 V Rechargeable Power Cartridge


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