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Space Blanket

A Space Blanket is a Mylar coated "blanket" that is used in survival kits. Space-blankets are waterproof and are very warm for their size and weight. You can find them at any outdoor store.

They are also called Mylar blanket, Aluminized blanket, and Solar Blanket. The blanket will generally measure 84" X 54" when spread open, they are the perfect for retaining warmth in any emergency.

Space Blankets are easy to store with it's compact design and light weight packaging. They are a must have item in any survival or emergency response kit. The blanket can serve different uses, it can deflect heat when used as a shelter from the sun or you can decrease heat inside your automobile by using the solar blanket to cover the roof and windows. A Solar Blanket's primary use is to reflect back your own body heat and it'll conserve 90% of body heat when wrapped around a person.
Posted on August 4th, 2014
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